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Immigration Investment in Singapore

At Midas, we understand your needs and requirements. Most clients who approach us for immigration solutions, would requires two forms of assistance: transition of business and transition of family. Here at Midas we are able to ensure that both needs are well considered and taken care of

How it Works

Our Approach

We help you secured your PR-ship in singapore through a well proven 3 years EP system that is only achievable through our intensive network and accountants. This PR strategy works both on low technical skill and low education applicant.



For visitor that is considering the benefit of a singapore PR.

Why is the benefits of Singapore EP

Validity: The Employment Pass is valid for 1 to 2 years and can be renewed for an additional three years if needed.
Flexibility between work and education: If you are a recent graduate from a reputable university, that might be sufficient to get you through the application. If you do not have any certification from a higher education institute, fret not. The Employment Pass allows that if you have several years of demonstrable work experience to make up for the lack of a degree, you will have an equal footing to any other applicant.
Easy travel: The Employment Pass allows you to travel to other countries without having to apply for entry visas. In addition, there are no foreign levies or quotas. 

Apply Loan: Ability to get bank loan for property purchase



Our Public Relationship Officer, will help transform your client into a reputable business owner that has years of great business acumen and showed great business profiles or we can also transform him into a investment guru that has the touch of Midas.


1.Building up positive image and profile

2.Invest in upcoming growing companies

3.Set up of personal and corporate bank account

4.Remittance via our own channels

5.PR interview coaching

6.Sound  investment opportunities in medical and healthcare industry


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