We are able to assess your case and approve your application within 5-7 working days. Simply contact our officer, we will visit your office and assets and give you a verbal loan rates and amount on the spot!

We give you the best rates in town 

Starting from 3.5% P.A up to 5 years Loan

We have the most lenient company loan underwriting in Singapore, we don’t just look into your loan to value, but we also assess your business plan and model and take that into consideration. 



From copier,server,laptops to sopisticated equipments, our valuator are able to assess and give you the best cash value .

New Equipment Financing


We are also able to provide up to 5 years of new equipment financing for all your various purchases. 


Short Term loan avaliable

We take in secured loan using your private or commercial property as a first charge or second charge .

One Size Fits One 

Flexible repayment scheme that suits you

You need cash-flow for few months to even years, we got you well covered and at a fixed interest rate p.a so you can focus on growing while we cover your financials.

Funds committed

We have committed more than $20 million SGD worth of fund to be issue through our partners for 2020 


Avg Annual Return

Our average interest charge to client ranges from 3% – 7% pa. 

Experienced Advisors 

We have more than 20+ experienced advisers across HK and SG to serve our valued customer. 

monthly loan size

We have one of the best interest rate and loan duration in singapore thus our average monthly loan is only $850. 

How we unlock your existing office equipments?

We are able to refinance back your existing equipment such as copier,servers,computers etc or recommend you our equipment partners that does high trade in value .

Midas Services

We are ultra focus in converting your asset to cash that we are able to give you instant valuation of the loan based on these industry

Traditional Office 

We are able to fund your servers,copier,computers,scanners and more.

F&B Restaurant

Dish washer, combi oven, fridges,point of sale,deep fryer,blast freezer,sou vide machine.

Food Manufacturing

Cutting machine, trolley system, blast chiller tunnel, packing machine, boiler system and more.

E-commerce Trading

Ecommerce software, copier, pos,labelling machine,computers,scanners and more

Hotel Industry  

CCTV System, Door Access , Computer workstation, washing machine, tv and more.

Engineering Industry 

From traditional general engineering firm to car workshop company, we are able to assess their equipment instantly.

Unlike traditional banks or finance institute, midas underwriter are very sme prone friendly and understand how our business model work and where our cash flow is stuck at

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